Free from breads and cakes

Trying to look for gluten free, wheat free, egg free, diary free, yeast free or vegan cakes, breads and biscuits can be hard. The supermarkets are now offering a reasonable range of free from foods but by and large these are not great products- do still look at the ingredients. Free from in some cases seems to mean let’s add ingredients that people won’t recognise.

That’s why I love The Village Bakery. Stocked in Waitrose, Sainsburys and Tescos and your local health food shop they have got this free from range completely tied up. They have a great website, are based up in Cumbria and have the organic seal of the Soil Association which is always reassuring.

They make gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, vegan, egg free loaves, cakes and biscuits and the difference is – they taste delicious. Their Rossisky rye loaf ingredients are : Rye flour, water and sea salt and its bouncy and soft and tastes great. I particularly recommend their gluten free ginger biscuits and lemon cake and the chocolate brownies are pretty good as well.

If you can’t source them ask Waitrose, Sainsburys or your local health food shop if they can order them in. You could buy in bulk and freeze, particularly the bread, or you could buy over the website. Again I would buy in bulk. They also do a great range of christmas stollens, mince pies, cake and pudding.

If you are stuck with what to buy I’d look for simple ingredients, ie not too many or invest in a bread maker and get some good quality flour and make your own bread. That is the only way to really make sure you now what is going into your baking.

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