Information overload (cont)

Have had a fascinating few weeks with my patients. It’s great to see so many people opening their eyes and really desiring change – not only in the way they eat but also in what they absorb and read in the media.

People are not stupid and they understand that to eat healthy food, they need to ignore pretty much all product advertising. I can’t name brands but there are several on TV at the moment that are beamed into millions of homes in the hope that people will believe what they are selling. Well I tell you now they are not, and that’s great. Just take a look at some of the ingredients in these so called healthy breakfast foods (I’m being vague here for a reason) and you will soon see that as per usual they are selling you sugar which for all the reasons that you already know – well you just don’t need first thing in the morning. So start the day with foods that are not advertised/rarely advertised – what about an egg or some beans or some grilled bacon, or nuts and plain yoghurt and fruit? – whatever it is start your day with some kind of protein.

Great stuff – go people!! Get reading labels!

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