Gillian McKeith heads to the jungle

TV nutritionist Gillian McKeith has decided to join I’m A Celebrity.. at this point I’m not too sure why and what it is she has to gain from this. Not a follower of her career, perhaps she’s looking for a push to do a new tv series, perhaps she is trying to overcome her seemingly many phobias or perhaps she’s trying to get the public to like her – see the “real” Gillian.

Why anyone would admit to all these fears and phobias to a home audience just waiting to dial her number is beyond me. You see she comes from the bullying school of nutrition, the let’s look at your poo because it makes good tv nutrition. People dont like to be told what to do, and certainly if they do, they pay me to tell them. It’s funny but often I get asked – Kate you are a bit blunt but I thought you were going to be like Gillian McKeith so I was really nervous coming to see you – Great! So if I hear someone is nervous on the phone I automatically tell them that there is no judgement, no cane, no telling off. The very fact someone has made a decision to sort out their health is, I think, amazing and should be congratulated! As you can tell I’m not a fan, don’t get me wrong, her books are excellent and her series (apart from the non scientific poo bit) is sound in principle but when you’re sat in the first row of an audience seeing the comedian Dara O’Brien (athiest/man of science and Dawkins follower) trust me its not good. When he says “There arent any nutritionists in the audience are there”? I wince as he lets off a tirade of abuse at this so called “doctor”. I remember wriggling further down in my seat so no one accidentally saw me and pointed to me and went “Theres one – burn the witch”.. Oh dear!!

ps have just watched ten minutes of her and oh dear she is a complete nightmare!!

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