Scientists find a new greediness gene

Well thats fine then, we can all sleep ok at night. Being overweight is genetic so let’s change our genes and be done with it. I think this is ludicrous. It’s as stupid as saying people who are overweight are greedy and lazy. It’s just not true. Being overweight is so much more complex.

Years ago I went to a 1940’s fancy dress party and when I visited a very large and well known dress hire shop in London I was astounded to see that the miles and miles of womens uniforms (I was trying to go as a WAFF) only came in teeny weeny sizes. I think a 12/14 was the very largest I could find. At nearly 6ft and a size 12 there was just nothing for me to wear, so I had to hire a man’s uniform instead. What’s my point in telling you this – genes dont’ change that fast – from the 1940’s to the 2010 ask yourself what has changed? and there is your answer.

As you have read on this blog over the years, we already know why there is an obesity crisis, it’s just very difficult to get to the truth when everyone is bombarded with different biased facts. Even if there is a so called “greediness gene” what percentage of the population do you really think is carrying it? I doubt very many.

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