In the closet about lightbulbs

Its one of those things that you daren’t say in public for fear of having tomatoes pelted at you.. but I loathe energy saving lightbulbs, to the extent I might add that I’ve bought in stockpiles of the old fashioned lights. I’m not convinced (even as an ex member of the Green Party) that they are better for us. Firstly I look totally jaundice and grey at the same time if thats possible, secondly a lot of them stick up through the lampshades and look really ugly and thirdly there is a nasty rumour that they are full of mercury so if you drop them… you are breathing in fumes. I like the idea of a light that lasts a long time, but then I’ve a light that has lasted fifteen years in my boiler cupboard!!! (I’m so proud of it that I give it a little “Go on my son” every time I open the door!) Any new bulb I now buy last a few months and then goes – like most things it doesnt last. In the next few months am stockpiling the last numbers of old bulbs and hope they see me into the next ten years (Yes thats a lot of bulbs!)

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