Organic vrs non organic

celery I’m repeating myself again but slightly fed up with this argument. The new organic vrs non organic debate has recently been highlighted by a Which? report. They have come up with some interesting conclusions but please remember the trial they did was so small it is laughable. Tucking into some organic tomatoes for lunch, the smell was unbelievable – that true whiff of a real fruit that has not been tampered with, does not taste like soap, and has real colour – how wonderful is that?. There is no contest for me. But it’s a matter of choice which we are all entitled to make. I think the problem with organic food is the name. In the 1970′ my father didnt say “I’m going down the garden to pick some organic kale”. The word organic wasn’t used, it was just… kale…with no pesticides. I think ALL fruit and vegetables should be produced with as little pesticides, herbicides as possible and whatever arguments you have, no I really don’t think a chemical company ie Monsanto should be anywhere near our food chain. Just my thoughts.

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