Recommended books and dvds for you!!

MV5BOTI4MzU3Mhospital I’ve been asked by loads of you to recommend books and dvds on health and nutrition, so on my homepage each month you will see various books and dvds which I think you might like and you can buy through my website by just clicking through.

This month: Food, Inc. Everything you need to know about who has the real power over what we eat and how the food industry really works. It’s an amazing film and I know it will get you guys really thinking!

Womens Bodies, Womens Wisdom, is a wonderful “bible” covering orthodox and alternative treatments for womens hormonal problems. What I love about this book is it gives you a great balance in your decision making and is very informative.

Bread: River Cottage Handbook 3 is a super book if you love making your own bread.

River Cottage Every Day – again a lovely book from the River Cottage gang on sensible everyday healthy food ideas.

Parick Holford’s Food is Better Medicine than Drugs – an interesting read that should keep your eyes open!

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