Burgerking (cont. cont. cont.)

It’s been nearly 2 months since I first called Burgerking and asked them for a list of ingredients of their foods. We are still no nearer to that – I will keep you posted. Do you not find this is the slightest bit odd?! Great nutritional information on their website, but and its a huge BUT, no one gets to know what they are eating! They seem to be so behind in their thinking. We don’t need to know the calorific intake of foods any more – it doesnt make the slightest bit of difference to obesity. One calorie in does not equal one calorie out – there are biochemical issues involved ie what you do with that one calorie is not the same as your neighbour. What we actually eat is more important and how we digest and assimilate food is the key. I can’t believe that I’m actually going to defend MacDonalds but at least you know what you are eating as they certainly list their ingredients!

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