Operation Hospital Food with James Martin

hospitalfood2hopsitalfoodhospitalThere’s so much to say about this programme I don’t know where to start. Firstly nutrition in hospitals is scandalous full stop. To not put the money there seems so insane to me that you wonder who are running these places. Surely you want to get people up on their feet and home as quickly as possible so don’t they think that great food might just take them there that bit quicker? It’s not just about morale – many do get people to bring in food, it’s about the repair of the body – you need to feed it… and not with slop. Also don’t get me wrong there are great SRD’s but even James Martin raised an eyebrow when the catering manager showed him the hospitals larder “And the hospital dietician has ok’ed all this” he says as he picks up packet soups and Angel Delight… I mean come on….. seriously… the custard is glow in the dark – who is saying this is fit for human consumption? So what these inpatients are getting is literally heated/reheated to an inch of its life, additive laden, nutrient free slop.. not fit for the farmyard. And the amount of waste…. Thank god we were then taken to The Brompton hospital in London. The hospital has a great reputation anyway for its lung and heart expertise. Here we saw not only fresh but organic food being served up to patients all within budget because their restaurant was used as an income – genius – all profits got ploughed back into the kitchens where they sourced local produce. Its not rocket science is it? If one hospital can do this, this should be a roll out blueprint for ALL hospitals. So Eastbourne DGH take note – your food is not great… lead my example.

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