Time…. to save our pubs

pubI don’t often hit the supermarket shelf with the really really cheap booze but I did the other day. 500ml cider for 99 pence. 250ml lager for 45 pence. This is at the heart of the argument to save our pubs. Cheap supermarket alcohol will take people into their homes where they can drink to access with no one any the wiser. Drink in a pub, there is some licence – the landlord is not meant to serve you if you are dribbling and swaying, you don’t drink so much because it is expensive and you are hopefully with friends and being social. As we know pubs have been in serious trouble for years – 4 pubs a day are going out of business – thats making serious inroads in breaking down our communities. We have two major options, cheap booze in supermarkets goes.. pronto.. or the price of alcohol in pubs comes down…

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