Eat fast live longer

I caught up with Eat, Fast Live Longer – BBC2’s documentary last night with Michael Moseley on AFD. AFD stands for alternate fasting days and the science behind it seems sound. Fasting for four days, or even 5 days off, 2 days on, seems to bring down your ageing markers quite dramatically ie Blood pressure, glucose LDL cholesterol etc. I fasted for 7 days in 2000 but it was in a hospital environment. It was very very hard as I only had ice cubes or water to drink, nothing else. My aim was not to lose weight – but I lost a stone in a week and my blood pressure was so low I could barely get out of bed at 80/50. I quite like the idea of eating normally for five days and then restricted calorie intake for two, but I was saddened to see one of the researches and Michael hit a fast food joint for lunch on their “normal” days. This does not send out the right message at all.

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