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The Cookshelf

Nutrition Workshops 2013

As part of Eastbourne’s new and exciting cookery school The Cookshelf, we are running four week courses on nutrition. These are designed to be fun, informative and give you a chance to ask questions. Cookshelf’s founder Kate Guindi is passionate about great food that is locally sourced and free from additives. She has teamed up with Kate Arnold, Nutritionist and will be offering a chance for people to obtain expert nutritional advice on a range of subjects.

The four week course will consist of four one and a half sessions taking place one evening a week. Kate will talk for an hour and will leave half an hour for questions. The course will be £40 including hot and cold drinks and delicious home made snacks.

Week One
General Nutrition; The myths of a balanced diet

Week Two
Beat the Bloat; Probiotics, IBS and gut disorders

Week Three
Weight Loss; Why we get fat and How to shift weight for good

Week Four
Food Labelling and supplements; How to shop healthily
If you would like to come and join us please contact Kate Guindi at

Here is a digital version of my workshop information.

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