Christmas and New Year Offers

hollysprigsmlI am offering from 1st to 31st December a full consultation for £55 (normal price £75) – this will be an hour and an half – if you want to know more please call 01323 737814.

I am offering my normal MOT service (normal price £165) at £120 from 1st January to 31st January. What you get:
A complete overhaul of your diet and lifestyle plus a letter to your GP to ask for any blood tests that have not be done to date. Diet analysis, nutrition education if needed, weight loss if needed or/and a look at your symptoms and what might be causing them. This is a comprehensive two hours with me leaving no stone unturned. You will need to bring a weeks food diary with you, any medications and any supplements you take and a recent copy of any blood tests or other tests you have had done.
It is really useful for those suffering from multiple symptoms ie tired all the time for no reason, headaches, IBS, fibromyalgia, pms etc. Call me for more details on 01323 747814 or email at

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