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  1. Statins again…..

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    I’m a huge fan of Dr James le Fanu and the article above about statins maybe of interest to some of you. I’d like to share with you a patient of mine who came to see me with a cholesterol of over 7 mmol. Her GP insisted that she go on statins despite the fact that she had no other risk factors and no history of heart disease. The patient decided to see me and I spoke to her GP and said could we have three months grace to see if my patient could get her cholesterol down with diet and supplements. The GP agreed but the information she had was that diet cannot reduce cholesterol levels and even if they did – at the very least only by 0.5mmol. I was astounded – what information is she been given to read? It wouldn’t by any chance be the figures from the pharmaceutical companies would it? Within three months my patients level was down to 5.5 mmol. The patient was thrilled and went back to her GP half expecting a slap on the back for good behaviour but no she was not given any validation for her efforts and told she was still above the accepted levels. So… we bought it down again to 4.5mmol and again no validation from the GP.

    If you do not want to go on statins, that is your right. If you have high risk factors, and a cholesterol that is dangerously high of course it might be a good idea, but for the rest of the nation that is floating around with slightly higher cholesterol, you can try other ways which do work!

  2. The Great Cholesterol Con

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    After a week seeing patients who are trying to avoid statins and bring their cholesterol down naturally, I am reminding you all to read “The Great Cholesterol Con”. This book has been about for several years and will give you a balanced view about what exactly is going on with the cholesterol “story”.

    Did you know that when sticky arterial plaque has been examined, only about 20% of it is actual cholesterol, the other 80% is due to inflammation caused by high insulin and high homocysteine. Did you also know that cholesterol is there in the body to heal and often goes to sites of damage? Mmmm that’s made you think hasn’t it…

    Further and further the optimum levels of cholesterol have come down. From 6, to 5, now under 4. Where next, 3, 2, no cholesterol? I had a male patient last year who’s cholesterol was 2.3 and he had to have a quadruple bypass. Something’s not quite right is it, and 6 million of us in the UK are taking statins every day.

  3. Horizon – Pill Poppers

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    Yet another Horizon programme popped up on our screens last night. Although nothing new to me I was left outraged and deeply saddened by its contents.

    I was outraged to learn from a professor that all of us are in the spectrum of ADHD –  I know what she was trying to say but thats still a very disturbing statement.

    I was outraged that 6 million people in the UK are taking statins, and the cholesterol level target we  now need to reach has been lowered.

    I was outraged that the drug companies are making a CURE for female sexual dysfunction when it doesnt even exist.

    I was outraged that a drug initially meant as treatment for severe erectile dysfunction was prescribed or got hold of by people who don’t feel they are “normal when in fact they are.

    I was saddened by yet another child taking Ritalin and students using it to be more clever before exams.

    6 million people I assume have tried diet and lifestyle changes before taking statins.

    Men with erectile dysfunction I’m assuming take high doses of garlic, ginko biloba, and zinc to get them functioning again.

    Children with ADHD I’m assuming have an amazing diet fully of omega 3, fibre, no additives, preservatives, caffeine and refined sugar.

    Women with sexual dsyfunction I assume aren’t juggling work, career, kids. Let’s give them one more thing to worry about – as if they havent already.

    The slow creep from family GP to prescription writer was starting to emerge.

    Do you know I’m so outraged that I think I’m veering heavily towards the upper spectrum of ADHD – someone get me a pill…………