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  1. Linking food with all aspects of health

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    I’m thrilled that the Food Hospital on Channel 4 has at last “outed” the fact that food can effect all aspects of your health. What we’ve known for hundreds of years has now become mainstream and I couldn’t be happier.

    So if you have mental health issues, cardiac issues, gut disorders, skin problem, autoimmune conditions, hormonal issues.. etc give me a call on 01323 737814.

  2. The Food Hospital…

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    uses the amazing Biolab in London for their nutritional testing.

    Guess what? So do I!  It’s a fantastic lab that tests for so much – if you need your red cell magnesium tested or your CoQ10 – they are the people to do it. If you’d like to know more about this then please do call me on 01323 737814. At least food and health is being linked in real ways that people can see.

    Am still not convinced by sports drinks though- make your own by all means but please don’t add sweetener!

  3. The Food Hospital

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    I finally caught up with The Food Hospital on Channel 4 late last night. What with Nigel Slater, Lorraine Pascal, Jamie Oliver and Hugh F-W – there seems to be a never ending queue of programmes for me to watch and comment.

    The Food Hospital wasn’t bad. The only frustrating thing for me is that the information they are giving – all good and spot on by the way is late – very very late in the day. For those of you who would like to know more about PCOS and diet please read an article I wrote earlier this year, and also for Type 2 diabetes. I didn’t see any blood sugar balancing in the guy with Type 2 diabetes just weight loss but I guess thats a start.

    To see Dr Pixie’s increased blood flow after two punnets of luquidised blueberries was fantastic just as long as science doesnt take over and we only have GM “superfoods” in the supermarkets. It’s already going that way and the organic fruit and veg we have is fine thank you!

    To read my article on PCOS click here

    To read my article on Type 2 diabetes click here

    Anyone struggling with PCOS or Type 2 diabetes and would like some expert advice, I’d be happy to help – just call me on 01323 737814.