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  1. In the closet about lightbulbs

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    Its one of those things that you daren’t say in public for fear of having tomatoes pelted at you.. but I loathe energy saving lightbulbs, to the extent I might add that I’ve bought in stockpiles of the old fashioned lights. I’m not convinced (even as an ex member of the Green Party) that they are better for us. Firstly I look totally jaundice and grey at the same time if thats possible, secondly a lot of them stick up through the lampshades and look really ugly and thirdly there is a nasty rumour that they are full of mercury so if you drop them… you are breathing in fumes. I like the idea of a light that lasts a long time, but then I’ve a light that has lasted fifteen years in my boiler cupboard!!! (I’m so proud of it that I give it a little “Go on my son” every time I open the door!) Any new bulb I now buy last a few months and then goes – like most things it doesnt last. In the next few months am stockpiling the last numbers of old bulbs and hope they see me into the next ten years (Yes thats a lot of bulbs!)

  2. Are statins really that good?

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    The controversial issue of prescribing statins wont seem to go away. Where do you stand and what do you think? Are you taking statins as a preventative measure? Please let me know below!!

  3. What’s the point of 5 a day (answer: not much).

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    It’s not just Zoe Harcombe that has known for years that the five a day campaign is just a number dreamed up from a marketing campaign – us hard working nutritionists have been banging on about it for years as well, but glad to see its hit the DM.

    What is very important to note in this article is that many of the qualities in food we do need can only be absorbed if the food has a carrier like fat or olive oil. So if the government is telling us to eat less fat, and avoid butter etc and more fruit we are clearly on a hiding to nothing. Eating five portions of fruit and veg each day is really hard – some days I dont do it (I know terrible isnt it). I don’t worry about it either as I realise its not the the only answer to longevity. I would concentrate more on dark green leafy vegetables rather than loads of fruit, unless of course you have IBS. Too much fibre can indeed make things a whole lot worse, and too much fructose in the diet is also not a good thing.

    Confused? No wonder – there are far too many mixed messages out there. Nice to the know the government spent 3.3 million on marketing the 5-a-day campaign though…..

  4. Customer service crimes

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    The amazing Mary Portas is back with a programme just up my street. I thought it was my age but glad to see the UK does indeed have the most appalling service and we do lie down and take it. Check her out on channel 4 at 9pm. Here are her top ten worst service crimes:

    1. Keeping too few tills open – oh yes recognise that one.
    2. Mute cashiers – mm yes I’d go with that as well.
    3. Plugging inappropriate offers.
    4. Assistants who dont know their stuff – mmm my personal favourite
    5. Shoddy fitting rooms.
    6. Too much stock on the shop floor – yes particularly in debenhams.
    7. It’s a shop, not a social club.
    8. Signage overload
    9. The hard sell.
    10. Annoying phrases in retail – Marys favourite “If its not on the floor, we haven’t got it”.

    My other niggle is why because we are out of London do we get the dregs and leftovers – particularly in clothes shop – a recent shop comes to mind – Accessorize in covent garden is just amazing- in eastbourne its something completely different.. and not in a good way.

  5. The Golden globes

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    I’m not a particular fan of Ricky Gervais – he’s of the marmite family – you either love him or loathe him. Watching him at the Golden Globes however was just something else. Did he really come out with all those double edged riske comments? – you bet he did and it was fascinating watching some of the Hollywood elite being taken apart – the “oh my god”s and ooooo’s and ahhh’s coming from the audience as he drove a forkwheel truck through a shop of delicate egos was… well it was great really – sorry but I found it very funny. I’m wondering whether nearly outing the well known scientologists might cost him his US passport to fame and fortune. But I’m not sure he even cares! It’s good to bring people down to the same level every now and then even if they are the richest and most beautiful people on the planet.

  6. Are you lactose intolerant?

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    This article in the DM highlights the enormous amount of people who are suffering after a stomach upset with bloating and gas that does not go away. It is paramount after a stomach bug, if you are left with symptoms months after, to get a lactose tolerance test done with your GP – often they will not offer it as it’s expensive. I’m lactose intolerant and its not just about cutting out milk and being a bit faddy and difficult at the meal table. It is the inability to breakdown milk sugar because you have no lactase. Lactose is in nearly everything including over the counter medication so its vital you get this ruled out. If your GP wont oblige, it can be done privately through me! You will also need proper diet advice and source other foods with calcium. Two in ten people I send for a test come back positive much to everyones surprise – it is far more common than you think.

    If you want to discuss this topic, please call me on 01323 737814.

  7. January newsletter

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    Out today – on mental health – if you would like to subscribe please go to the homepage of my website and sign up!

  8. Hughs fish fight

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    WOW guys – fantastic feedback on this subject -am ploughing through the hundreds of comments you have sent – very moved by the power of your words – great stuff!!! x

  9. The colour of salmon

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    I hope you are all watching HFW’s Fish Fight on Channel 4, and below an article in yesterdays Guardian.

    I’m struggling at the moment to buy non dyed salmon. Organic salmon is so expensive but the difference in colour is astonishing. I’m not happy eating a much loved and very tasty fish knowing its been dulux colour coded to whatever people think the colour is I want. I dont want colour – I want what the fish that came out of the water. Atlantic or wild salmon can be slightly different as the feed can produce a high pink colour on the skin. I think ALL salmon should be pale pink – why anyone would want to tamper with that I have no idea. It reminds me of the 1970’s when instead of putting strawberrys into yoghurts they would put strawberry flavour and a bit of red dye. Surely those days are behind us.